Bring midful meditation into your life with our EaseMind Mediation app, which offers a variety of ways to reduce anxity including guided meditations, breathing programs and sleep stories to help you relax.

Meditation For Everyone

Whether you are a seasoned meditator or you are just getting started, EaseMind gives you access to hundreds of beautifully crafted tracks for all levels. From advanced meditations to get you into deep states of mind to bite-sized sessions for busy people – EaseMind has you covered.

Created with Leading Experts

The science of happiness is as real, substantiated, and exciting as other areas of science that are changing our lives for the better. Our tracks were created with the best and brightest minds—experts, research scientists, and practitioners—who are passionate about improving people's lives.

A Track For Every Moment of life

EaseMind ’s goal is not to get you better at meditation – It’s about getting you better at life. With an ever-growing library of tracks, discover soothing meditations for every aspect of living. From stress management to healing to attracting abundance to visualizing your ideal future and more.

Endless Possibilities

Use EaseMind ’s unique Mixer to combine your favorite guided meditations with any of the 200+ ambient tracks for a fresh new experience every time you press play. This is My meditation – My way.

So why wait another minute?

Your best you is waiting inside.